Welcome to Dagda's Saining


The Farmhouse

The Farmhouse is a charming - and rustic - building that has a dining room, meeting space, kitchen and rooms enough to sleep 20 people. We have reserved the building for Dagda's Day and invite you to stay overnight.

We have the use of the building from 11am on Saturday and up to 5pm on Sunday, so if you are staying over, you can make this your home base for the weekend. Kirkridge have given us a special rate too - $75.00 per person for bed and (continental) breakfast.

If you would like to stay over, please complete the following information and mail a check in the amount appropriate ($75 x number of people staying) to us at 159 Kings Highway, Orangeburg, NY 10962, by September 15th.

Please note that bathrooms are shared, and while there is a housekeeper to provide us with what we need, every guest is required to make up their own bed (I did say 'rustic' right?!)
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