Welcome to Dagda's Saining

What on earth is a 'saining'?

'A ritual analogous to baptism for the infants of pagans wherein the family commits to care for a child and but not necessarily an indoctrination into a belief system.'

While we are not religious (and therefore not pagan), we have a deep respect for nature and consider ourselves as spiritual beings. As such, we would like to create an occasion upon which Dagda is blessed and welcomed by our family and friends.


We are so happy you are here and we hope that you will be able to join us to celebrate Dagda's Saining (or Naming Ceremony).

We want you to know what Dagda's special day is all about and what you can expect. It's a long way to travel so we want to make sure that everyone will be comfortable and have as much fun as possible . . .

The Ceremony

Columcille Megalith Park is where the Saining will be held. This is a beautiful and magical place, created and tended by some wonderful characters, one of whom is our officiant for the ceremony, the illustrious Bill Cohea.

Described as "a playground of myth and mystery located in the Appalachian Mountains of eastern Pennsylvania, a park rooted in Celtic spirituality and . . . an outdoor sanctuary open to the public as a sacred space for quiet meditation", we thought it would be the perfect place to celebrate welcoming our little Celtic chief to the clan.

The Ceremony begins at 3.30pm* and expect to participate! Don't worry, you won't be called upon to chant or dance (though feel free to do so anytime) and we'll provide you all the direction you need as we go along.

As this will all take place outdoors, please feel free to dress comfortably and save the party shoes for indoors afterward.

If it rains, we will retreat to the 'chapel' for the ceremony instead. But be prepared for walking around the unpaved grounds. And we encourage everyone to walk around and visit the stones and see all of this beautiful place.

The Party

Kirkridge Retreat Center consists of several buildings and the Farmhouse is right next door to Columcille. After the ceremony, we will head over to the Farmhouse for some refreshment and live music before dinner. A brief walk through Thor's Gate, and by way of the Labyrinth, will see us there . . .

A sit down, but casual, dinner will follow at 5.30pm so that those guests that need to travel home won't have to leave too late, and so Dagda will get to party before bedtime. If the weather is fine, we'll build a blaze outdoors after dark and enjoy the fall weather. If it rains, we'll just have to continue the seisuin inside.


The Farmhouse sleeps up to 20 people, so please join us overnight and make the most of the weekend. Kirkridge have given us a special rate of $75 per person for a comfy bed and continental breakfast. More details here.

Enjoy the site and don't forget to RSVP. Do it now! Before you forget (and I don't want to have to nag you . . .). We just can't wait to see you!

Susie, Joe & Dagda

* Invitations say 2:00pm but we've had to change the time to accommodate a wedding party who wanted the same time.

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